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Focus On The Family: Please Give Money To Enable More Gay Youth Suicides

Focus On The Family has posted a money beg to further their campaign to promote the physical and emotional abuses of LGBT children.  Please feel free to visit their Facebook page and tell them what you think. I got deleted and banned immediately.  So much for "dialog."

UPDATE: Focus has removed the Facebook plea for donations and replaced it with a statement apparently made in reaction to this post.
Want to know why Day of Dialogue is important? The onslaught of attacks against this page today seeking to silence Christian participants in the public square—the majority of whom are students-- through harassment and intimidation and bullying comments—illustrate our point perfectly. Throughout history Christians have defended their free speech right to share the Gospel and Biblical truth. That dedication to speaking, will not end today or any other day. Students—we are doing our best to keep this page a safe place, a bullying-free zone, for you. If you feel you are being harassed or bullied, please feel free to make a report to Facebook. Thank you.
PSST: You can still go tell them what you think.

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