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WND: Satan Runs The ACLU

World Net Daily today used the above image to illustrate their promotion of the latest book by their birther-in-chief Jerome Corsi, who this time is attacking the ACLU.
“The ACLU is not only pressing same-sex marriage. They’re now supporting pedophilia in the courts. In California, you’ve got attacks to remove the tax-exempt status of the Boy Scouts because they won’t allow gay scoutmasters. If the Supreme Court decides same-sex marriage cases, are churches where pastors, for biblical or scriptural reasons, want to oppose various sexual practices, are they going to be accused of hate crimes or lose their tax-exempt status? We’ve got a real attack going on in the United States on God and on the the family.”
Corsi's "supporting pedophilia" claim is a reference to the way anti-gay groups are characterizing California's pending ban on "ex-gay" therapy.

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