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Rotary Denies Involvement With Eugene Delgaudio's Pro-Bullying Campaign

On Tuesday I posted the latest video from hate group crackpot Eugene Delgaudio in which he claims to have gotten help from Rotary clubs in collecting one million petitions to Congress in support of anti-gay bullying.  JMG reader John wrote to Rotary International on Facebook to inquire about Delgaudio's claim.  Here is their response to John, direct from their Facebook page:
"Thanks for making us aware of this. 'Protect Our Children’s Innocence' isn’t involved or associated with Rotary International. We’re committed to non-discrimination, and our bylaws prohibit Rotary clubs from denying membership to individuals based on 'gender, race, color, creed, national origin or sexual orientation' and from partnering with organizations that practice discrimination. We’re non-political and we don’t oppose or endorse political campaigns, candidates, and positions at any level, including proposed legislation. No specific Rotary clubs were mentioned in the video, and we’re not aware of any clubs involved with this organization."
Great work, John! And thank you, Rotary International.

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