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VIDEO: Christian Kids Demand Return Of "Stolen Prayers" To Public Schools

In a campaign demanding the return of the "Christ-centered" message to the nation's public schools, Reach America has enlisted about a dozen kids for a video which demands that "stolen prayers" be returned to classrooms. Because Christian students are being persecuted. From the Reach America mission statement:
We believe that all people are sinful by nature, alienated from God and blameworthy for their own sins. All who reject God’s gracious offer of justification and eternal life through the merits of Jesus Christ will spend eternity in hell. However, God loves people and does not want any to be lost. Therefore all who confess Jesus as Lord, repent of their sin and believe on Jesus will be saved. This salvation is a gift from God, received by grace through faith alone, in Jesus Christ. We believe the Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, is the only inspired Word of God revealing all necessary truth for man to trust Jesus Christ for salvation.

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