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Here's the "Comedy Sketch" Donald Trump Made For Last Year's GOP Convention

Breitbart has posted the unseen-until-now video that Donald Trump wanted to have shown at last year's GOP convention. Wonkette's Doktor Zoom nails it:
Breitbart horcrux and chaotic evil shitbag Matthew Boyle says that Trump’s people put the production cost of the segment at $100,000, and it shows — it’s no mere $50K IRS Star Trek parody, that’s for sure! The sketch is exactly as creative as you would expect from the Mind Of Donald Trump! Is there a joke about Obama spending all his time golfing? There is! Are there funny sound effects? You bet there are! There is a “BOING!” and there are “crickets!” And then you will never in a million years guess how it ends! Can you guess? Can you? Trump uses his catchphrase! It’s super-effective!
"Breitbart horcrux." I totally snorked.

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