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Teabaggers: We Must Stop Boehner

From today's frothing editorial on Daily Caller:
John Boehner says House Republicans will come up with their own bill. He must be stopped. Think of the Senate immigration bill as a syphilitic, two-headed, fire-breathing she-monster. And whatever the House comes up with will be a pig-faced cyclops with flipper-hands. And those two hell-beasts will be married in an unholy ceremony called “committee.” The worst attributes of each will metastasize and morph into a conglomerate demon-spawn which will rule over American immigration for the next three generations. As you are reading this, left-wing activists are whispering in John Boehner’s ear. Every hour, every day, they are whispering terms like landmark and historic and your place in history. They are flattering Boehner. They are reassuring him. The problem is that those are the only voices whispering in Boehner’s ear. The tea party doesn’t send lobbyists to D.C.
Now read it again in the voice of Poltergeist's spirit guide.

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