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NC Woman Charged With Ordering Son To "Beat The Gay" Out Of His Brother

A local NBC affiliate reports:
A mother has been accused of having her 12-year-old son beat his brother in order to "beat the gay away," and she faces a misdemeanor child abuse charge as a result. Police were called to an incident on West Walter Street Saturday, and officers say when they arrived, there were several people yelling and screaming, according to a Whiteville police report. According to the report, a 15-year-old said his mother, Mary Gowans, had his 12-year-old brother strike him repeatedly, and he was not allowed to fight back. She then reportedly made the teen strip down to his underwear, and proceeded to hit him with a belt across his body. Police say there was a large abrasion on the 15-year-old's back.
The mother claims that her older son has been seeing a gay man, whom she claims has molested him.

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