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Whiner Of The Day - Randy Thomasson

"At the beginning of the interview, the liberal host calls the woman who is a transsexual activist ‘sir,’ and refers both to her and I as ‘gentlemen.' But at the end of the interview I say ‘good to talk to you ladies,’ because both the host and my bearded opponent are indeed biological females. Of course, the bearded Masen Davis didn’t like this fact at all and she’s complaining to CNN about me. How tyrannical and anti-free-speech! But the homosexual, bisexual, transsexual activists and their supporters can’t be bothered with facts, can they? Instead, they engage in ad hominem arguments and personal attacks." - Save California douchebag Randy Thomasson, making a personal attack while whining to World Net Daily about criticism directed at CNN for inviting a hate group leader to speak on transgender rights.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Last month Thomasson called on California's county clerks to defy the Supreme Court on Prop 8. Earlier this year Thomasson called for Christian parents to keep their kids home on the Day Of Silence. Last year Thomasson had a hissy fit over the renaming of a San Diego street for Harvey Milk. In 2011 Save California head Randy Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would  "unleash a tsunami of perversity" that would include "mock gay weddings" at public schools. In 2010 Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would include "cross-dressing contests" and that Milk endorsed pedophilia. In 2009 Thomasson claimed that Harvey Milk Day would mean that California had passed Massachusetts in the "sexual indoctrination of children."

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