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Harry Jackson To Keynote "Ex-Gay" Thing

"It is my great honor and privilege to address this historic celebration, and I know that I and many others will be encouraged to hear the amazing testimonies of the men and women who have left homosexuality when they share their stories on September 30. At a time when our nation’s moral fabric is decaying, this night promises to be an inspiration to us all." - Pastor Harry Jackson, announcing that he will keynote the "First Annual Ex-Gay Awareness Dinner."

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Harry Jackson files a SCOTUS brief in support of Prop 8. Harry Jackson says polygamy will automatically become legal if DOMA is struck down. Harry Jackson says gay people are wolves in the dog park. Harry Jackson speaks in tongues against gay perversion.  Harry Jackson puts a gay newspaper out of business by the power of his prayers. Harry Jackson blames the bad economy on lack of love for Jesus.  Harry Jackson says God has been against gay marriage since the creation of the universe.

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