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HomoQuotable - Grace Harley

"I have suffered more discrimination and intolerance as an ex-gay than I ever did when I was gay. Many ex-gays are afraid to come out of the closet because of the harassment they will receive. Transgenders are celebrated for changing their gender but former homosexuals are ridiculed for changing their sexual orientation.  Ex-gays are denied their pursuit of happiness because they are persecuted. This irrational hatred of those who have overcome unwanted same-sex attractions creates misunderstanding and harm against the ex-gay community. Justice Kennedy, you protect gay people as an unpopular minority, but ex-gays are hated even by gays, so please protect former homosexuals like me. We need your protection and your compassion. To give sexual orientation protection to one group while excluding another is outright discrimination. This is not what our country is about." - Pastor Grace Harley, quoted today by World Net Daily.

RELATED: Harley is soliciting "tax-deductible donations" at the website for her ministry, Jesus Is The Answer. As always, they've got something to sell.

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