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Brian Brown Has The Hawaii Sadz

"We are at a crossroads. Even though their legislators betrayed them in Hawaii and Illinois — the people continue to stand up and demand that marriage, religious liberties, and the rights of children be defended! In Hawaii, thousands came to the capital to testify in defense of marriage and religious liberty, and at least ten thousand people rallied outside the capital to let their legislators know, in no uncertain terms, that voters support marriage as the union of one man and one woman. And now, one courageous representative is even challenging the new law in court — demanding that the people have the final say on marriage. [SNORK!] NOM will do everything in our power to support the people's right to vote AND hold those legislators who betrayed the voters accountable on Election Day.

"There is a silver lining now that Hawaii has voted to redefine marriage against the people's wishes: same-sex 'marriage' activists have run out of easy targets. This was the last state where Democrats held the governorship and both houses of the Legislature — the only type of state where they have been able to prevail by legislative action. (West Virginia is governed by Democrats but we are in no danger of their socially-conservative politicians redefining marriage.) Thus the false narrative of 'inevitability' ends here — with your help!" - Hate group leader Brian Brown, in a money beg issued today after losing three states in three weeks.

NOTE: Today is the "social media-a-thon" fundraiser for former NOM communications director Thomas Peters, who four months ago was left a quadriplegic after a swimming accident at a NOM retreat in Maryland.  Tony Perkins, Michelle Malkin, Josh Duggar, and others have tweeted about their donations, but as of this writing there's no mention of the fundraiser on any of NOM's social media accounts.

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