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BRITAIN: Pat Robertson Named Bigot Of The Year By LGBT Rights Group

We'd have chosen Scott Lively, but the AIDS ring thing was too much for Britain's Stonewall group.
Pat Robertson, the US televangelist, was named Bigot of the Year at the Stonewall Awards last night. Robertson, the host of the 700 Club and the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), was given the title after his bizarre theory concerning the transmission of HIV between gay men. In August, he said gay people purposely spread HIV by cutting people with “special rings”. As a response, gay CNN anchor Anderson Cooper criticised Robertson during the ‘Ridiculist’ feature on his show. Robertson beat four nominees for Bigot of the Year including historian Professor Neil Ferguson; Reverend George Gabauer; leading ex-gay activist Scott Lively; and, UKIP Parliamentary candidate Winston McKenzie.
Last year's Bigot Of The Year was disgraced Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien, who campaigned against same-sex marriage then resigned when several priests revealed that he'd been sucking their cocks.

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