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Matthew 26:26

Things are so bad for the people of North Korea that the usually hyper-secretive government recently openly begged for food assistance from Mongolia. There are even multiple reports about cannibalism.  Therefore a group of American evangelicals have been using hydrogen balloons to float food parcels over the border. Oh, wait. I lost my mind for second there. They're floating BIBLES across the border. Delicious, nutritious bibles.
Pastor Foley and his group drop the Bibles into North Korea in hopes that people in rural areas will be able to discreetly pick them up. But they know that spreading these bibles is potentially dangerous for anyone who picks them up. Owning a Bible is a crime in North Korea and one that will get the offender and three generations of his or her family sent to a prison camp. In sending the Bibles over the border to North Korea, Pastor Foley hopes that North Koreans will read the scripture and see that the ideology they are forced to believe 'is all a fraud'.Foley and his group won the legal rights to conduct the balloon launches from South Korea, but officials there "don't make it easy," he said, noting that they often try to force hydrogen suppliers not to sell the group hydrogen. "Every time we fill up one of these balloons, we hold it and we pray together in English, North Korean and South Korean," Foley said. "We pray loudly and always with tears."
RELATED: Several weeks ago the South Korean government pledged to send millions in actual food and medicine to North Korea through UNICEF.

UPDATE: Here's a short promotional clip about the project.

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