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Nuclear Warheads Are In The Bible

From the press release about a new book on bible prophecy:
This new book claims that Bible prophecy describes missiles and rockets with such detail that it even calls the warhead a "head that kills" with fire, smoke and sulfur. This is not just another book on Bible prophecy, he shows by examining information in the biblical text in detail, that the famed four horsemen of the Apocalypse have already ridden out during the past 2,000 years of history. He says we are now experiencing the birth pains of the earth, and that the trumpet judgments of Revelation are next. The author has found significant evidence that the beast's kingdom will not rule the entire planet, but that it will bring WW3. It will rise to power after the United States is badly weakened by natural disasters during the first 4 trumpets. The 200 million fire-breathing horses of the 6th trumpet, which he interprets to be missiles and rockets, will kill 1/3rd of mankind during WW3. He says, since the Euphrates River begins in Turkey, and flows through Syria, and Iraq, that, "The four angels of destruction being released from the Euphrates tells us that the final war of this age will begin in Turkey, Syria, or Iraq, or at least be caused by the people living in that region."
He also found biblical predictions of twerking in a passage that describes "fearsome asses that shake."

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