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Matt Barber Writes For World Net Daily: Eric Holder Should Arrest JMG For Anti-Christian Comments Left On His Blog

Liberty Counsel spokesdouche Matt Barber has posted a World Net Daily column in which he calls for Eric Holder and the federal government to take legal action against me for anti-Christian comments made by alleged JMG readers on a post I wrote about a recent abortion rights rally in Argentina, in which feminists spat upon and sprayed paint into the faces of Catholic men outside a cathedral. After describing the incident, Barber writes:
For liberals, although the means may change, the ends remain the same. Still, equally disturbing are a number of comments posted about the incident on at least one award-winning “gay”-activist blog. Ironically, the site, “JoeMyGod,” a serial Christian-defaming cyber-rag, won the award for “Outstanding Blog” in 2011 at the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Awards. While Joe Jervis – the blog’s militant atheist and “gay” sadomasochist founder – refused to denounce the Argentinian “hate crimes” outright, he at least begrudgingly admitted: “I really can’t see how this advances the cause of abortion rights.” Ya think? Even so, Jervis, who’s blog has a long history of anti-Christian extremism and violence-charged rhetoric, nonetheless permitted several of his regular posters to not only condone the feminist attacks, but to illegally call for a steep escalation in anti-Christian violence in general (up to and including church bombings, and both the castration and even murder of Christians in the U.S.).
Barber then goes on for several paragraphs to quote these "regular posters" (none of whose user names I recognize) and then he concludes:
Indeed, to borrow from Madonna, it seems Argentina has much to cry for. And so does America. But as for “JoeMyGod,” the question is this: Will GLADD now publicly disavow Joe Jervis for allowing (and perhaps tacitly condoning) such violent (and very likely illegal) rhetoric? Will this self-styled “anti-defamation” group rescind its “Outstanding Blog” award? Don’t hold your breath. Even still, a bigger question remains: Will federal authorities investigate these threats? If it were Christians threatening “gays,” Eric Holder himself would kick-in the door with MSNBC in tow. Every newspaper in America would give it above-the-fold coverage. But it wasn’t Christians threatening “gays.” It was “gays” threatening Christians. And that just doesn’t fit the false “gay victimhood” narrative.
The almost-hilarious hypocrisy here, of course, is that anybody who has EVER endured five minutes on WND knows that they not only allow their own commenters to advocate for the death penalty for homosexuals and that they cheer on violent anti-gay hate crimes, WND columnists themselves have called for executing people who oppose the Christianist agenda, as, for example, when WND's Erik Rush did last year when he declared that journalists should be executed after Mitt Romney won the election. Erik Rush: "Trials for treason and the requisite sentences would apply, and I would have no qualms about seeing such sentences executed, no matter how severe." Earlier this year WND's Erik Rush declared that all Muslims should be murdered and underscored that sentiment with this tweet: "Yes, they're evil. Kill them all." And just last week WND's Erik Rush called for the execution of the president of the United States.

OK, coming back to the world of actual sane people, actual longtime JMG readers are well aware that for the near-decade of this blog's existence, I have posted regular pleas for civility in the comments and have demanded that no one make calls for physical violence against any person or any property for any reason. One of those pleas went up here just a few months ago when I wrote:
As I regularly do, today I again caution you that even the most idle and "jokey" threats of physical harm to any person or property are completely unacceptable on JMG. Also strongly discouraged are expressed wishes of physical harm to others by any means, including natural ones. Please remain aware that JMG comments are often scoured by the enemies of civil equality who look for any opportunity to republish ill-considered reactions to the news reported here. We sometimes see more than 50,000 comments per month and I cannot personally read but a fraction of them. Therefore I must rely on the JMG community to stay self-policing and notify me by email should any comment concern you. Be advised that in many cases these comments are posted by drive-by trolls in order to grab triumphant screen-shots for use elsewhere. You've been remarkably great about observing these very few commenting rules and I thank you for that.
The vast majority of JMG readers have been very good about observing these commenting rules and I thank you for that. And please do continue to alert me if you see any comments like those in today's WND column. As for Matt Barber, I suspected something like this was coming after he suddenly followed me on Twitter a few days ago after years of blocking me from following him. Barber is obviously trying to take revenge on me because I take such delight in cataloging every single loss suffered by the Liberty Counsel. And there have been SO many lately.

One wonders how many tens of thousands of JMG comments Barber had to wade through before he could finally pounce upon the half dozen cited in today's World Net Daily column. One also wonders if Barber didn't plant those comments himself. You'd think Matt Barber would be SUPER busy getting repeatedly smacked down by the Supreme Court or helping the Liberty Counsel with the RICO Act lawsuit which alleges that they abetted the kidnapping of a young girl. Instead, he's got time to troll JMG and cherry-pick a handful of ugly comments. What a sad clown.

NOTE: I've taken down the JMG post cited by Barber rather than deleting the offensive comments. We don't need WND's violently anti-gay readers swarming over here from Barber's link.

NOTE II: It never fails to crack me up when Barber or Porno Pete call me a "leather daddy" or says that I'm "sadomasochistic." Is it the pork pie hat? Where DO they get that?

UPDATE: Barber is pissed that I've blocked his link by taking down my post. Needless to say, if my post was still up, he'd be tweeting "Militant gay refuses to take down post." SNORK!

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