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Feds Crack Down On Scam Diets

A total of $34M in fines, but the products can stay on the market. 
Sensa Products, LLC was also cited for compensating consumers who endorsed Sensa. The consumers received between $1,000 and $5,000 and free trips to Los Angeles for their statements. Sensa Products part-owner and creator Dr. Alan Hirsch, who provided expert opinion, was also said to make statements that were not backed up by scientific evidence. Hirsch and company CEO Adam Goldenberg are banned from making any future weight-loss claims about dietary supplements, foods, or drugs unless it is supported by two controlled, human clinical studies. They cannot make any health-related claims unless they have scientific evidence, and must disclose any connection they have with any product they promote.

LeanSpa LLC promoted an acai berry and “colon cleanse” weight-loss supplement called LeanSpa through sites that were made to look like news organizations. LeanSpa's principal Boris Mizhen and three companies will give up $7 million worth of cash and assets, while Mizhen’s wife, Angelina Strano, will be responsible for $300,000. Strano accepted money from the company, but did not participate in selling the product. The company allegedly charged $79.99 for trying LeanSpa, and made it difficult to cancel recurring monthly shipments. The company can no longer bill consumers for products or services on a recurring basis unless they opt into that option.
My favorite was the skin cream that totally makes you thinner.

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