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The Coming Out Of Robin Roberts Was A Secret Gay Plot Against Duck Dynasty

"Consider. Phil Robertson is from the South. Robin Roberts is from the South. Phil Robertson is a beloved television personality. Robin Roberts is a beloved television personality. Phil Robertson attended a university in Louisiana. Robin Roberts went to a university in Louisiana. Phil Robertson is a person of devout Christian faith. Robin Roberts is someone who professes to be a person of devout Christian faith. Coincidence? Hardly! Contrived? More than likely. Especially since Robert's 'coming out' takes place in conjunction with Robertson's reinstatement. Unable to shut down the voice of one who opposes the homosexual lifestyle from a biblical perspective, gay activists and their media supporters must counter with the voice of someone they believe might eclipse it. Twice now, Roberts is at the heart of an effort to squelch the clear and loud sound of opposition." - Pastor Mark Creech, writing for the Christian Post.

RELATED: Last year Creech mocked President Obama for supporting same-sex marriage but not campaigning for polygamy or the right of an "incestuous woman's romance with her brother."

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