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Christian Group Has The Texas Sadz

"No one can be intellectually honest and claim that the original Constitution, or even the 14th Amendment in 1861, was intended by the people to give homosexual couples the right to marry. The lawyers for the homosexual couples said they wanted to remove the stigma from homosexuality. For a large portion of the American people, there will always be a stigma attached to homosexuality, adultery, fornication and all sex outside of marriage. That stigma comes from the Creator who created men, women and marriage. If we continue to reject the Creator who gave us these rights, He will eventually reject us as a nation. We are still incurring His building wrath for murdering over fifty million children. We are fortunate that He is long-suffering. We urge Christians to repent for our sins and cry out for a national revival." - Via press release from the hilariously named Texas Justice Foundation.

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