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Sanctity Of Marriage Alert

A radio station in Calgary (birthplace of Ted Cruz) is running a contest:
This Valentine's Day we're helping you get over the blues of being single...We're going to get you married! If you're ready to take the plunge, we will marry you to a complete stranger on Friday, February 14th with Ryan & Katie then you will hop on a plane with your new spouse to spend the weekend in Vancouver on your honeymoon and will get to see Miley Cyrus live at BC Place on Valentine's Day. After the exciting honeymoon you will fly back to Calgary where you will get to decide if you want to stay together or get a divorce after the 90.3 hours. Don't worry only one of you has to say 'yes' so you wont be stuck with them forever... at the very least you get to see Miley Cyrus live and a weekend in Vancouver!
The station generously notes that they don't care "what your sexual preference is." Ugh. I'm sure the right will find a way, therefore, to blame this on us. And on Miley Cyrus, of course.

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