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Today's Lie From Todd Starnes

Fox News reporter Todd Starnes knows fucking well that ZERO states have criminal penalties for violating public accommodation laws. At most, a company that refuses gay customers faces a fine and ultimately the loss of its business license should it refuse to pay that fine. And that's just in the parts of the country that include sexual orientation in public accommodation laws. (21 states plus scattered cities and counties in other states.)

Colorado once had a such a law on the books, but it long predated LGBT rights, was never enforced, not a single time, and it was repealed in April last year as part of the negotiation to legalize civil unions, which went into effect two weeks later. Todd Starnes knows this, because people on Twitter (like me) keep telling him, but he just blocks us and continues to tell Christians that gay people are going to send them to jail. Starnes is now rivaling Tony Perkins as the lyingest liar of the Christian hate industry. And that's saying something.

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