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Email Of The Day

Via email from Public Advocate's Elizabeth:
Dear Joe, I'm worried about our friend. Eugene sent me the email below a few days ago, and I'm worried he's ready to give up the fight against the radical Homosexual Lobby. Privately, Eugene has told me he is worried America is turning its back on real marriage and religious liberties. And that his supporters are throwing in the towel. Joe, Eugene and Public Advocate are a vital defense against the Homosexual Agenda. If the Homosexual Lobby is successful in silencing Eugene, there will be no pro-Family voice to stop dangerous legislation like the Gay Bill of Special Rights and the Homosexual Classrooms Act from becoming law. You and I can't let that happen. Please read Eugene's important message below, and then chip in with a generous contribution of $5, $10, or even $35 to Public Advocate right away. Sincerely, Elizabeth R.
The email that Elizabeth forwarded was one of the hardest letters Eugene ever had to write!

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