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Hate Groups To Speak At Stanford

Next month Stanford University will host a conference on "marriage and family" that will feature speeches from some of the nation's most notorious anti-gay crackpots. On the roster: Ryan T. Anderson (Heritage Foundation), Kellie Fiedorek (Alliance Defending Freedom), author Sherif Girgis (who was banned last week from testifying in Michigan's marriage trial), and homocon horcrux Robert Oscar Lopez.  According to an email forwarded to us by JMG reader Michael, Stanford's Christian student group is very freaked out that equality-minded students are unhappy about the conference. From the organizers:
This is an urgent request! Judy Romea, a student at Stanford, is being attacked by LGBT groups on campus for putting on an event about traditional marriage. They called a meeting yesterday and you can imagine the things they said to her and two others. On top of the personal threats they told her to withdraw her request for any college funding; she has already been denied student group funding as of a few days ago. They have gone to the administration to stop her from using the conference room which she booked in the business school which fits 200. The admin is meeting soon about this but it looks like they will let her keep the room since this is about free speech. She only has 4 people signed up at the moment. She needs to fill that room with lots of young people from all walks of life, races, and religions. Please do all you can to support this work for traditional marriage on a prestigious university campus.
Fiedorek, who has testified against LGBT rights before several state legislatures, will open the conference. Lopez will deliver the keynote address: "Historical Representations of Family in Film."

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