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Matt Barber Has The World Vision Sadz

"When faced with a choice to either go with the path of least resistance and embrace the lie of the world and the lie of the father of lies – versus embracing the truth of Christ and the truth of scripture and standing firm on the Word of Life, World Vision has chosen to take the path of least resistance. Just because you say you’re not an official wing of the church or that you’re a para-Christian organization does not release you from the command to adhere to biblical truth and biblical reality as it pertains to sexual morality. So that is a cop-out – and anyone with a clear understanding of scripture can recognize it as such. This very dramatic, counter-biblical, apostate move by World Vision shows where they stand. They have destroyed their credibility as a Christian organization with one fell swoop – and it’s heart-wrenching." - Hate group leader Matt Barber, telling OneNewsNow that World Vision has embraced an "abomination before God."

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