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Wingnuts Turn On Rand Paul, Part Two

"By minimizing the massive implications of redefining marriage — this is not the kind of issue you 'agree to disagree' on — Sen. Paul indicates a fundamental lack of understanding of the inevitable results that will follow should marriage be redefined on a national level. These results include the continued erosion of our freedoms of religion, speech and conscience (churches and Christian leaders, don’t imagine for a moment that these issues will not be forced on you in the near future); more and more gay activist curricula in our children’s schools; the very real potential for the further redefining of marriage (note well that the same media that has been celebrating homosexuality for the last couple of decades is now celebrating polygamy—the newest show is My Five Wives—and polyamory); and even challenges to basic gender distinctions. The fact that he is presently at or near the top of the Republican heap is downright scary." - Anti-gay evangelist Michael Brown, writing for Charisma.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Michael Brown claims gay activists want Christians thrown into prison. Michael Brown claims that Hillary Clinton is controlled by Satanic homosexuals. Michael Brown claims that the Bible is 100% true except for the parts he doesn't like. Michael Brown leads a hate march of hundreds of Christians to disrupt Charlotte's gay pride parade. Michael Brown debuts his book with a video using small children to ridicule gay families.

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