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Homocon Doug Mainwaring: Gay Marriage Will Be The End Of Human Civilization

"There is never an end to progressive ideology. Statists never have enough power and control. This will never end until the very institution of marriage is obliterated from human civilization, in which case, we will no longer actually have a civilization. I'm gay and I oppose same sex marriage because it is not marriage. It is something else. I, too, am tired of being labeled a 'self loathing gay' and a 'hater.' I am not. But I refuse to be silenced by those who seek to manipulate and silence rather than enter into rational discussion. Silencing techniques -- the modus operandi of the marriage 'equality' activists -- will continue relentlessly until one day they discover that strategy no longer works. But it is only each of us refusing to be silenced which will hasten the arrival of that day. It's Up to You! - Self-loathing homosexual and Tea Party activist Doug Mainwaring, writing for American Thinker. 

RELATED: Mainwaring's post quotes from the "seminal work" After The Ball, a gay-authored 1989 book frequently cited by hate groups as the blueprint that 21st century LGBT activists hand out to this day. It's a ridiculous claim on its face as After The Ball has been out of print for decades. In fact, copies of After The Ball are so rare that collectors are selling the book on Amazon: $400 autographed paperback, $207.00 hardback, $170.00 paperback. Yeah, that's the book that gets handed out at Sunday homosexual agenda brunches.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Mainwaring gets discovered by Rush Limbaugh. Mainwaring speaks at NOM's hate rally in Washington DC.  Mainwaring joins fellow homocon Robert Oscar Lopez in filing an anti-gay SCOTUS brief against the overturn of DOMA. Mainwaring appears on a National Review panel with Maggie Gallagher and Mark Regnerus.

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