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RedState Joins Mozilla Boycott

The right wing site RedState yesterday joined the Mozilla boycott launched several days ago by Ben Shapiro's Truth Revolt.
Today, users of the Firefox web browser were given a message when accessing most of our Front Page content at RedState. They were told that this site could not be displayed, because of a conflict with the values of the Mozilla corporation, and they were suggested to visit another site. Send a message that you won’t take it lying down. Get another browser. Tell your friends what you’re doing, and why. Safari, Chromium, Internet Explorer, Konqueror, you name it. None of these browsers is developed by a corporation that is persecuting individuals for what they do with their own time and money. Firefox is, because that’s what Mozilla has done to Brendan Eich.
The parent company of RedState is Salem Communications, which owns dozens of Christian radio stations as well as Twitchy, Townhall, and HotAir.

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