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Democrats Mock Senate Candidate Joni Ernst For "Agenda 21" Conspiracy Theory

Joni Ernst, you may recall, rocketed to crackpot fame with campaign ads that trumpeted her ability to castrate a pig and her promise to literally shoot down Obamacare. Now that she's won the Iowa GOP nomination for the US Senate, Democrats are mocking her belief in the loony tunes Agenda 21 conspiracy theory. Over at Wonkette, Doktor Zoom explains Agenda 21:
Out here in Real World Land, Agenda 21 is a nonbinding international initiative aimed at promoting sustainable development. It was signed by that enemy of private property, George H.W. Bush, in 1992 and includes terrifying suggestions like pursing city planning policies that will produce less garbage and encourage commuting. It has no actual ability to mandate anything, and no enforcement mechanism. In WingnutLand, Agenda 21, like everything else the UN does, is a shadowy plot to destroy U.S. sovereignty, take away your land, exterminate farmers, force errebody to eat tofu, and probably take away your guns, too.

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