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Joseph Farah: I Carry A Gun At All Times Because I'm Afraid Of Killer Gay Activists

Earlier today we learned that three-time Just For Men Olympics gold medalist Joseph Farah had been detained at Dulles International because he "forgot" to take a loaded revolver out of his carry-on bag.  In a post written for World Net Daily this afternoon, Farah reveals that he carries a loaded handgun at all times because he's afraid of the murderous gay activists that might be sent his way by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
I am licensed to carry a loaded firearm in multiple states and carry a concealed weapon virtually all of the time. I get death threats against me. Let me tell you about that. Aug. 15, 2012, a gunman attempting to enter Family Research Council’s Washington, D.C., headquarters shot a security guard, 46-year-old Leonardo Johnson, in the left arm. While injured, Johnson assisted others who wrestled the gunman to the ground until police arrived and placed the gunman under arrest.

During his FBI interview, the gunman, Floyd Corkins was asked how he chose his target. His response was “Southern Poverty Law, lists … uh … anti-gay groups. I found them online.” [snip] You might note who broke the story that Joseph Farah was detained at Dulles Airport Sunday for carrying a handgun – the Southern Poverty Law Center. You might also note the Southern Poverty Law Center has repeatedly labeled my news organization a hate group – with even worse descriptions of me personally.

I have many friends at the Family Research Council. I knew that August day that it could just as easily have been my office that was attacked. Again, I’m not making any excuses about my dumb mistake last Sunday. What I did was dumber than dumb. But I thought you deserved to know the rest of the story, as my inspiration Paul Harvey would say.
The gun nuts at WND are chiding Farah for not finding the gun himself during a "groggy" search of his computer bag that he claims to have done before attempting to board the plane. Sample reader comment:
If you couldn't find the firearm when you searched for it while NOT under the stress of an approaching threatening gunman, how the hell do you expect to find when a freak like the FRC sociopath is coming for you. Wear the damn thing all the time like plains clothes cops do so you know precisely where it is all the time (because it can be felt). Then when you arrive at the A/P you can dismount it and leave it locked in your vehicle. Have another one waiting for you when you arrive at your destination. Only good guys with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun. Bags are the perfect place in which to lose something.
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