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HomoQuotable - Matt Moore

"I hope ya’ll will believe me when I say that I hate the word 'gay.' I hate all the presuppositions attached to it. Like the presupposition that a fixed gay (or straight or bi, for that matter) sexual orientation is a legitimate reality. I don’t believe that sexual orientation, as culture at large defines it, is real — and I know that I am in the teeniest of the tiniest minorities in holding that position. People who don’t follow Jesus or embrace a biblical worldview laugh in my face — pretty hysterically, actually — when I tell them that I don’t view sexuality through the lens of 'gay' or 'straight' or 'bi.' To be clear, I am attracted to the same sex and pretty much only the same sex at this point in my life (well, I am attracted to Beyonce. But who isn’t!?). But there are some Christians, even among my own little same-sex-attracted-but-celibate camp, that also reject my position and hold fast to the idea of people possessing a fixed sexual orientation. And as far back as I can remember experiencing sexual impulses, 99% of the time I’ve only experienced them toward guys. But this doesn’t mean that I have a gay sexual orientation; it means I have a broken, distorted sexuality (as we all do, in some way) which flows out of my broken, distorted heart (the kind of heart we all have)." - Matt Moore, in a post published today to the website of hate group leader Matt Barber. (The same post has also been published by the Christian Post.)

RELATED: On Friday night Moore interrupted my Twitter taunting of Porno Peter to send me a link to his personal blog where he whines about horrible and "intolerant" gay bloggers such as myself. The exchange that followed is below.
I told him to start here. Obviously, today's post on BarbWire is evidence that Moore remains unconvinced.

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