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Thomas Peters Has The Vatican Sadz

"We need to remember and repeat that the relatio is only a working document and carries no authority. In fact, this entire extraordinary synod serves a purely advisory role in preparation for the ordinary synod next fall. What this debate has already done is create a space for all of us to reflect on the church’s teaching and to quietly, firmly and persistently proclaim the truth. This is only the first working document in a year-long process leading into next year’s ordinary synod. This is a marathon, not a sprint. So it’s time to get training for the long road ahead. So read and share good articles that provide clarity and explain the church’s teaching well. Respond to false accusations against the church and her teaching. And, perhaps most of all, refuse to fall into despair when it seems as though the truth is being lost in a sea of falsehood. The truth only vanishes if truth-tellers cease speaking. So keep speaking — for even a still, small voice can overcome an earthquake if it speaks the truth." - Former NOM staffer Thomas Peters, who is very upset about yesterday's news that the Vatican is rethinking its approach to homosexuality.

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