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What Americans Worry About The Most

Via Gallup:
Americans may be more worried about hacking because a relatively high percentage of them say they have had their information hacked. A quarter of Americans, 27%, say they or another household member had information from a credit card used at a store stolen by computer hackers during the last year -- making this the most frequently experienced crime on a list of nine crimes. Eleven percent say they or a household member have had their computer or smartphone hacked in the last year, also in the top half of crimes on the list.

Although a relatively high percentage of Americans say they have been hacking victims, relatively low percentages say they reported it to the police. Slightly less than half of Americans (45%) who say they had credit card information stolen say they reported it to the police. And about a quarter of victims say they notified police about their computer or smartphone being hacked. Of Americans who say they were victims of other crimes in the last year, including stolen cars, muggings, or burglaries, an average of two-thirds say they reported them to police, higher than what Gallup finds for hacking crimes.

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