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Christian Blogger: Satan Is Attacking Me Because I Refuse To Wear Leggings

Via the Christian Post:
A Christian blogger under fire for saying women who wear leggings inadvertently risk tempting members of the opposite sex, says that she and her husband are under attack from Satan. Oregon resident Veronica Partridge, 25, sparked a firestorm of criticism earlier this month when she said she had chosen to stop wearing leggings as pants in public to honor her Christian faith in a candid blog post that went viral. While supporters have praised the married mother of one for promoting modesty, her Facebook page has been flooded with criticism from people who say that her post promotes gender stereotypes and sexism. "I've had a lot of both positive and negative responses, probably more negative than positive ... it's definitely not what I was expecting," Partridge told The Christian Post exclusively.
Satan's attacks, by the way, are coming in the form of Facebook comments. 

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