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Scott Lively: Christians Must Protest In The Streets For Kagan And Ginsberg To Recuse Themselves From Marriage Case

"The first line of attack is to demand the recusal of both Ginsberg and Kagan, who have performed 'gay wedding' ceremonies, thus invalidating their claim to impartiality, which is a prerequisite to sitting as jurists on any matter. We need a continual presence in front of the U.S. Supreme Court and federal courts in every state demanding that Ginsberg and Kagan recuse themselves. A demand for recusal must be on the lips of every pro-family activist in America and a constant refrain on talk shows, social media and letters to the editor. And if they fail to recuse themselves and by their votes establish a majority opinion 'legalizing' homosexual marriage we must declare the ruling invalid and refuse to recognize it. This article has a political tone, but the threat we face is primarily spiritual. Homosexual 'marriage' represents the defeat of Biblical truth in America and the church must not sit silently by and acquiesce to it. In 2015 silence equals death to marriage, and by extension to Christian civilization. Let’s not let that happen. If you share the Biblical worldview it is time to get out of the pews and into the streets." - Crimes against humanity defendant Scott Lively, writing for his website.

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