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Anti-Smoking PSA: Left Swipe Dat

Via USA Today:
"LEFT. SWIPE." Rejection. That's when the PSA goes from high school sitcom to what's-even-happening-what-is-this-magic music video. Get ready for anti-smoking lyrics, laser light shows and YouTube/pop stars Becky G, Fifth Harmony, King Bach, Grace Helbig, Harley Morenstein, Anna Akana, Jimmy Tatro, Alphacat, Terrence J and Timothy DeLaGhetto getting down to a shockingly catchy "Left Swipe Dat" beat. No meme stone goes unturned. There are trotting horses on the beach, someone riding a dolphin with a rainbow trail backset to a supernova and a bizarre lumberjack eating piles of food. There's enough neon, arrows, dance moves and "duck face" references that you could probably just skip Coachella this year.
The campaign is from the American Legacy Foundation, which was created with funding from the 1998 settlement between the tobacco industry and the feds.

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