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Brian Brown: Ginsburg Must Recuse

From World Net Daily:
The calls for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to drop out of the same-sex marriage case looming before the U.S. Supreme Court are surging after she gave Bloomberg News an interview in which she lobbied for the practice. The 81-year-old, far-left justice revealed her preferences when she said it “would not take a large adjustment” for Americans “should the justices say gay marriage is constitutional.” “Even the attempt to posture that as a judge you’re obeying a code of ethics is now gone,” [snip] The National Organization for Marriage agreed with Whelan. Brian Brown, the group’s president, told WND. “They do whatever they want. She should recuse herself. It’s embarrassing for the judiciary.” Brown said basic judicial ethics “that any judge should follow would clearly advise against commenting on a case currently coming up before you.” WND previously noted both Ginsburg and Kagan, who was appointed by Barack Obama, have officiated at same-sex ceremonies.
Not mentioned by WND, of course, is that Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas both openly socialize with anti-gay marriage activists and former NOM chairman Robert George.

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