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American Family Association: Gays Don't Deserve Civil Rights Because AIDS

The American Family Association is going after Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for suggesting that all this RFRA uproar would go away if LGBT Americans were simply added to state anti-discrimination laws. Here's their reason:
With all due respect Megyn Kelly, you are wrong. Homosexuals do not need to be a protected class along with blacks. In fact, you do African Americans and civil rights leaders an injustice by comparing homosexuals to blacks that weren’t allowed to vote and were deprived of certain God given rights prior and during the civil rights era. By classifying homosexuals as a “protected class” you are condoning the behavior that the World Health Organization concluded “men who have sex with men are 19 times more likely to have HIV than the general population”. So Megyn, with all due respect, do you still think homosexuals should be a protected class? I would hope not.
The above post was written by Walker Wildmon, son of AFA president Tim Wildmon and grandson of AFA founder Don Wildmon. He concludes by declaring that he doesn't hate gay people. Of course. (Via Good As You)

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