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CALIFORNIA: Hate Group Files Anti-Trans "Bathroom Bill" Ballot Measure Proposal

Via press release:
Privacy advocates have taken the first step to prohibiting unwanted intrusions in California bathrooms, showers and locker rooms. Privacy For All has submitted language to California elections officials to place the Personal Privacy Protection Act on the 2016 ballot. If approved by California voters, the Personal Privacy Protection Act requires that individuals "use facilities in accordance with their biological sex in all government buildings". The proposed initiative does not require private businesses to maintain sex separated facilities, but protects these businesses from legal action if they do require employees and patrons to "use facilities in accordance with their biological sex." "We have great compassion for any person that is uncomfortable in traditional, sex separated facilities. But we also want to protect the privacy that most of us expect when we are in public bathrooms, showers and dressing areas" said Gina Gleason, a proponent of the initiative.
See the ballot proposal.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: Last year Privacy For All failed in their attempt to force a public vote to repeal a California a law that protect transgender students, but they nearly succeeded in gathering enough petition signatures. Privacy For All leader Karen England has organized public school walkouts over the anti-bullying Day Of Silence. In 2009 England filed a failed federal lawsuit to overturn California's bill protecting LGBT students from bullying. In 2010 she tried to get then-California Lt. Governor Abel Maldonado to file an appeal of the overturn of Prop 8 while then-Gov. Schwarzenegger was out of the country. She then ran an unsuccessful campaign for Maldonado's job. In 2011 she launched a campaign to block transgender adults from changing their birth certificates. England was also one of the louder bigots against the repeal of DADT.

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