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Cyndi Lauper Testifies Before Congress On Behalf Of Homeless LGBT Youth

Yesterday Cyndi Lauper testified before a Senate subcommittee on youth homelessness. After the hearing, she and GOP Sen. Susan Collins discussed the Senate's recent refusal to reauthorize an LGBT-inclusive funding bill. Via the New York Times:
The problem, Ms. Collins said, was “confusion” over parts of the amendment, including a measure misinterpreted as a restriction on faith-based organizations’ ability to show preference in hiring those of their own faith. Ms. Collins pointed out that the Justice Department already provided that protection. She said she hoped to clarify that when and take another crack at passing the measure she originally introduced. “Well, when will that be, do you think?” Ms. Lauper asked. “I don’t know exactly,” Ms. Collins said. “Then what should we do?” Ms. Lauper said. Keep pushing, Ms. Collins responded. But she has yet to discuss another effort to reauthorize the legislation, either as a stand-alone bill or an amendment, with Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky. “Who is that guy?” Ms. Lauper asked. “He is the majority leader,” Ms. Collins said. “He decides what comes to the floor.

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