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Hate Group Launches Campaign For ABC To Cancel Dan Savage Sitcom Pilot

From the Media Research Center:
If you didn’t know who Dan Savage is until today, it’s probably a good thing. But right now we need you to familiarize yourselves with one of the cruelest, most vile political activists in America. Why? Because ABC and Disney announced their plans to air a sitcom Dan Savage developed loosely based on his life. This is a complete disgrace. By filling out the form on the right, we will produce and mail postcards from you to executives and board members at ABC and Disney. The postcards will include your name, city, and state, as well as your personalized message. The back of the postcard will include one or more examples of Savage's unspeakably vile statements. Make your voice heard today!
RELATED: The MRC was founded by Brent Bozell, who is perhaps most infamous for calling President Obama a "skinny ghetto crackhead" during a 2011 appearance on Fox News. Bozell also founded the Parents Television Council, which lost a $3.5M defamation lawsuit to the World Wrestling Foundation (now the WWE) for Bozell's claims that children has been killed while copying wrestling moves seen on their shows. Bozell was forced to issue a public apology as part of that settlement. Last year some outlets dropped Bozell's syndicated column after former MRC employees alleged that the column and Bozell's books had been written by a ghostwriter. At the 2012 FRC Values Voter Summit, Bozell told the audience, "If you see any demonstrators, beat them up on the way out." Bozell sits on the board of directors for the Catholic League.

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