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NORTHERN IRELAND: Candidate Makes Audience Howl Over Child Abuse Claims

Via Pink News:
A parliamentary candidate in Northern Ireland has claimed to have “proof” that gay people are 40 times more likely to abuse children than the general population. Susan Anne White, who is standing in West Tyrone in Northern Ireland, last week unveiled her “biblically correct” manifesto. Speaking at an election debate in Omagh on Tuesday, White defended former DUP Health Minister Jim Wells, who resigned earlier this week after claiming that children of gay parents are “more likely” to be abused. At the debate, White said: “In the main, what Jim Wells said was correct and I can prove it. “Are you interested in the truth? Is anybody interested in the truth?” After being booed, White continued: “Studies have shown that homosexuals are 40 times more likely than the general populace to abuse children”, and a fellow candidate placed his head in his hands. Naming three individual cases of child abuse by gay people, White was then asked by the host whether she had Googled straight abuse, White said: “The question we are discussing at the moment is not about heterosexual abuse.

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