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Austin Ruse: Satan Controls JMG Readers

"Last week I warned you that certain undesirables were reading your mail. I called them sexual weirdoes. And boy was I ever right. I mentioned Right Wing Watch and a filthy blog called Joe.My.God. And right on time, like clockwork, like Pavlov’s Dog, they read your mail and they attacked. There were the usual attacks against the Church, against Christians, against Our Lord. Purely awful. Purely disgusting. [Ruse quotes several JMG comments.] And these were the comments that are printable. Most are simply filthy and vulgar. The reason I mentioned these websites and these sexual revolutionaries is to demonstrate what we are up against. Almost pure evil. And by that I do not mean these people. They are simply deluded by their own bad habits and by the Father of Lies. Even so, they have huge power behind them. And they are busy undermining all that is good and true and beautiful and it has been given to us to stop them." - C-FAM leader and Breitbart columnist Austin Ruse, in a money beg for $100,000 to stop you beautiful sexual "weirdoes."

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