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NYC's Oldest Gay Bar Closes

Ten days ago I reported that New York City's oldest gay bar, Candle Bar on the Upper West Side, would be closing after more than 50 years. West Side Rag reports on its closing night:
[Front in photo above] Owner of Candle Bar Michelle Ader and her husband William Greene. Michelle was bequeathed the apartment by her brother 22 years ago, after his death. “We just can’t do it anymore… We’ve lost money on this place for years. There are a lot of people sad to see this ending, but they’ve never even been in for a drink. This has always been a living room for the gay community, and we’ve tried really hard to give them great memories.” Bartender Amonte Demarko has worked at Candle Bar for almost 13 years: “This is the only place I’ve worked; I’m just trying to hold back tears!”
Hit the link for more photos.

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