Main | Wednesday, August 30, 2006

National Month Of September Awareness Month

Over one million Americans lost their health insurance coverage in 2005, bring the total of uninsured in this country to 46.6 million, or 1 out of 6 Americans. The uninsured continue to insist on getting illnesses and injuries, swarming public hospitals, sending the cost of supporting Medicaid soaring. In New York State, supporting Medicaid costs the average family of four more than $5000 a year.

What is our noble leader doing about it? Well, yesterday he declared that September will be National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks, Dub, that helps. Oh, he also declared September to be National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Awareness Month and National Asshole Awareness Month. Sorry, Dub, I'm already aware of you.

The president declined to declare September, National Stem Cell Research Month. He also is proposing a new law that reduce the ability of patients to sue hospitals and drug companies. Desperate times, desperate measures. Doesn't everybody feel better about the healthcare crisis now?

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