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Florida Calls Bluff

Of interest to those with homes or family in Florida, the Florida Senate has voted to ban insurance companies from "cherry picking" which coverage they will offer in the state. Some insurance companies have been retreating from offering home owner's insurance in Florida ever since Hurricane Andrew in 1992, but they continue to sell auto and life insurance. (My mother had to pay three separate deductibles in 2005 after her carrier ruled the three hurricanes that struck in six weeks as three separate events.)

Insurance companies have threatened to leave Florida entirely if they are forced to offer all the coverages they offer in other, less hurricane-prone states. Now that the state legislature has called their bluff, it will be interesting to see what happens. Obviously, this move has huge implications for those in Texas, Lousiania, etc. Florida Governor Charlie "Closet" Crist campaigned heavily on his promise to approve this legislation, about the only issue Miss Crist got right.

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