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He's Your Dreamgirl, Boy

Congratulations to Jake, who authors the Chicago-based blog, NoFo, the winner of Tuesday's Dreamgirls contest. Jake was our 46th commenter on my sister's 46th birthday, hence his selection. And by an odd coincidence, yesterday was also Jake's birthday!

Jake says: "This makes me a bigger Dreamgirls winner than Eddie Murphy! This DVD is much more exciting than the new bathroom rugs I got from my mom. (That screaming you hear is probably from my Dreamgirls-freaky boyfriend, who will naturally claim the Dreamgirls glory as his own. He can be so Deena like that.)"

Thanks go out to Paramount Pictures, who has already been in contact with Jake. Dreamgirls comes out on DVD on May 1st. There will be another giveaway next Tuesday, courtesy of Universal Music Group. Publicists - email me if you want to take part in Swag Tuesdays.

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