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Victory Dances

It's been a good week for the movement.

-The ACLU claimed a victory in Okeechobee, Florida, a small town near the northern edge of the Everglades, where their federal lawsuit forced Okeechobee High School to recognize the Gay-Straight Student Alliance. The school had banned the group as a "sex-based club", saying it violated their abstinence-only policy.

-New Hampshire's state house has approved civil unions for same-sex partners. The bill also provides for New Hampshire to recognize out of state civil unions. If it passes the NH senate, the bill will be presented to Gov. John Lynch.

-Indiana's proposed ban on same-sex marriage failed to make it out of committee, making it unlikely that the ban would face a vote this year. Conservative Hoosiers are tearing their hair out.

-The HRC busted the American Family Association for lying on their site, Stop Thought Crimes, where the AFA claims that there is no current federal hate crime law to which LGBT people can be added. "The federal hate crimes law (18 U.S.C. section 245), covering race, religion, color and national origin, has been on the books since 1969."

-Family Pride, the gay family advocacy group, will be live-blogging beginning tonight during their wait for tickets for this year's White House Easter Egg Roll. Family Pride expects hundreds of LGBT families to take part, doing what parents do best, showing off their kids. It's a beautiful thing.

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