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Bisexual Wins Seat In NY State Assembly

On Tuesday, openly bisexual Micah Kellner won his special election to the New York State Assembly, defeating Republican, yet gay-friendly and progressive, Gregory Camp. Kellner is the first openly bisexual person ever elected to the state Assembly and joins as the fifth openly LGBT person presently serving in the state legislature.

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund released a statement: "Micah will be a strong voice and a committed lawmaker for the people of New York in the State Assembly. His victory means that five openly gay, lesbian or bisexual lawmakers will now serve in the Assembly and the Senate, and that is excellent news for everyone who works toward full equality for all New Yorkers. We are proud to have endorsed and supported Micah's campaign."

As you may recall from an earlier post, Micah Kellner is now my state Assemblyman. While I had expressed some doubt about his inexperience versus his highly praised (albeit Republican) opponent, I did vote for Kellner in the end. Turnout, as you might imagine for a single-district special election, was abysmal, with only about 6200 votes cast in a district that surely contains ten times that many voters. I think I woke up about a dozen poll workers when I spoke out loud to request directions to the correct table. Kellner won with 64% of the vote, saying, "We ran a great campaign on the issues and I'm really proud of the campaign we ran. And I'm just really looking forward to going to Albany and representing the voters of the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island."

While Kellner still has to prove himself in real-world Albany, I feel obliged to mention that for the first time in memory, I am rather satisfied with all of my major representation at the local, state, and national level: Kellner, Krueger, Bloomberg, Spitzer, Maloney, Schumer, and even Hillary Clinton (most of the time). There's just that one schmuck working for me that fucks up the list.

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