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Craig Likely To Resign Today

GOP insiders are leaking news of Sen. Larry Craig's probable resignation today. Several prominent Republicans have called for Craig to resign, but the RNC has held off doing the same so far, hoping that Craig would take the step on his own. Barney Frank, who's had his own run with sexual scandal, said earlier this week that Craig should not resign and that what Craig did "was not an abuse of his office."

Others have noted the Republican double-standard of not calling for the resignation of Sen. David Vitter for having admitted patronizing prostitutes. National Gay & Lesbian Task Force head Matt Foreman notes, “Let’s see — one Republican senator is involved in soliciting sex from a man and the Republican leadership calls for a Senate investigation and yanks the rug from underneath him. Another Republican senator admits to soliciting the services of a female prostitute and there’s not only no investigation but the senator is greeted with a standing ovation by his Republican peers. What explains the starkly different responses? I’d say rank and homophobic hypocrisy.”

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