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Meanie Dearest

Apparently directly quoting Joan Crawford, mean queen to the end Leona Helmsley leaves nothing in her will to two of her grandchildren "for reasons that are known to them." Two of her other grandchildren will get $5M each, but her dog, a Maltese named Trouble, gets $12 million. Helmsley's brother gets a few mil, but only if he takes care of the dog and she also tossed $100K to her chauffeur. The remainder of her billions will go to a charitable trust set in her and late husband's name.

Helmsley's will also stipulates that upon his death, Trouble will be interred in the mausoleum that she shares with her late husband and that the crypt be "washed or steam-cleaned at least once a year", for which she bequested anther $3M. Years ago she had her husband's remains removed from its original location when she learned that new, bigger, fancier mausoleum was going up next to theirs.

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