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Larry Craig: I Don't Approve Of The Lifestyle

I watched Sen. Craig's interview with Matt Lauer last night, watching Lauer lob softball after softball and through Craig's denials, I just sat there thinking "Gayface, gayface, gayface." I'm terrible. Here's the complete transcript of the interview. From Tom Shales in the WaPo:
One thing, at least, was made painfully clear by Matt Lauer's interview with Sen. Larry Craig on NBC last night: Matt Lauer is no Mike Wallace. Lauer was anything but hard-hitting or confrontational with the Idaho Republican, arrested in June for alleged homosexual solicitation in a Minneapolis airport men's room.

For Lauer, self-important co-host of NBC's "Today" show, the interview was obviously seen as a potential career- and credibility-builder, but even when he did ask an arguably tough question, he essentially apologized for it. He prefaced a question about whether the senator might be bisexual by saying to Craig, "You're going to have to forgive me for this."
Jeebus, next time give the interview to Barbara Walters.

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